Kolkata Centre

Kolkata Centre (KC) concentrates on the use of ion beams and radiation in basic and applied science. It has made effective contribution in installation of a national gamma ray facility for nuclear spectroscopy. CRS work has been supported at the centre in the material modification using Ion implanter facility at VECC. It carries out trace element studies using PIXE with the 3 MV tandem accelerator at IOP, Bhubaneshwar and by using the in-house EDXRF and micro XRF facilities. Heavy ion nuclear reaction studies using the BARC TIFR TANDEM LINAC accelerator. The centre has a strong 60Co source which is used for Radiation Chemistry and Radiation Biology experiments. There are several in-house facilities for trace elements analysis, radiation chemistry, radiation biology and materials studies under LTHM.

Research at Kolkata Centre of UGC-DAE CSR covers topics related to Nuclear physics and allied areas.

In-House research
Nuclear Spectroscopy
Materials Science
Radiation Chemistry
Radiation/Stress Biology
Research with VECC facilities
Ion-implantation setup for keV to MeV Heavy-ion beams at VECC-RIB facility
Positron-Annihilation set-up
Atomic Force Microscope
Medical Cyclotron Facility (MCF)
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