Prof. Amlan J. Pal
Director and JC Bose National Fellow
Name Designation Centre Specialization Facilities
Dr. Vasant G. Sathe Centre-Director Indore Raman spectroscopy Raman spectrometer
Dr. P. D. Babu Centre-Director Mumbai Magnetism and magnetic materials, Chemical and Magnetic structures Focusing Crystal Powder Neutron Diffractometer (FCD), Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Physical Property Measurement System - 9Tesla with VSM, Physical Property Measurement system - 14 Tesla, High Temperature Furnaces
Dr. Sandeep S. Ghugre Centre-Director Kolkata In-beam gamma ray spectroscopy, nuclear physics Computational laboratory, EDXRF Spectrometer, Positron Annihilation Setup Clover detectors being used with INGA Scintillator detectors for fast timing applications, Standalone digitizer based pulse processing electronics, Single crystal HPGe detector, Pulse processing electronics (NIM) Multichannel Analyser (MCA)
Name Designation Centre Specialization
Dr. Anindita Chakraborty Scientist-G Kolkata
Dr. Archana Lakhani Scientist-G Indore
Dr. Arvind Yogi Scientist-D Indore
Er. Bhushan Jain Engineer-E Indore
Dr. Debalaya Sarker Scientist-D Indore
Dr. Devendra Kumar Scientist-F Indore
Dr. Dileep Kumar Scientist-F Indore
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Shukla Scientist-F Indore
Dr. G Ghosh Scientist-G Mumbai
DR. G. S. Okram Engineer-G/Scientist-G Indore
Dr. Gopal M. Bhalerao Scientist-F Kalpakkam
Dr. Goutam Pramanik Scientist-D Kolkata
Er. M. P. Saravanan Engineer-G Indore
Dr. Mukul Gupta Scientist-G Indore
Dr. P D Babu Centre-Director, Mumbai Centre Mumbai
Dr. Praveen Kumar Velpula Scientist-D Indore
Dr. R. Venkatesh Scientist-E Indore
Dr. Rajamani Raghunathan Scientist-E Indore
Dr. Rajarshi Raut Scientist-F Kolkata
Dr. Rajeev Rawat Scientist-H Indore
Dr. Rajib Mondal Scientist-D Kolkata
Dr. Rajib Batabyal Scientist-D Indore
Dr. Ram Janay Choudhary Scientist-G Indore
Dr. S K Deshpande Scientist-H Mumbai
Dr. S. R. Barman Scientist-H Indore
Dr. Sandeep Sitaram Ghugre Centre-Director, Kolkata Centre Kolkata
Er. Sanjay Singh Thakur Engineer-G Indore
Dr. Sanjoy Kr Mahatha Scientist-D Indore
Dr. Saravanan K Scientist-D Kalpakkam
Dr. Shamima Hussain Scientist-F Kalpakkam
Dr. Som Datta Kaushik Scientist-F Mumbai
Dr. Souradyuti Ghosh Scientist-D Kolkata
Dr. Souvik Chatterjee Scientist-F Kolkata
Dr. Sudhindra Rayaprol Scientist-G Mumbai
Dr. Sudip Mukherjee Scientist-F Mumbai
Dr. Sujay Chakravarty Scientist-F Kalpakkam
Dr. Tapas Mishra Engineer-G Kolkata
Dr. Uday Deshpande Scientist-F Indore
Dr. V. Raghavendra Reddy Scientist-H Indore
Dr. Vasant Sathe Centre-Director, Indore Centre Indore
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