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Secondary Ion Mass emission Spectroscopy (SIMS)
Dr. Mukul Gupta
Photo of SIMS Workstation
Examples of SIMS measurements
Secondary Ion Mass emission Spectroscopy (SIMS) is a versatile technique for depth profiling.  The Hiden SIMS Workstation installed at our centre was installed in August 2011. It is equipped with two ion guns - gas (Ar, O2) and Cs ion gun. Both guns can be operated in the energy range of 0.5 to 5 keV. A quadrupole SIMS/SNMS analyser provides an opportunity to measure SIMS or SNMS depth profiles in the mass range 1-1000 amu with a maximum counts up to 107. A base pressure of 2x10-10 mbar can be achieved in the system and differentially pumped ion guns enables to measure samples under UHV conditions. In addition to depth profiling SIMS imaging can also be done in this system.
Self-diffusion and relaxation measurements in amorphous and nanocrystalline systems are being performed using SIMS.  In addition using SNMS quantitative measurement of atomic concentrations as a function of depth is measured in different types of thin films.

SIMS depth profile of [Fe-Ti-N (8 nm)/57Fe-Ti-N (8 nm)]10 sample deposited on Si substrate obtained using oxygen ion source operating at 5 keV, 400 nA.
Relevant publications

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  • Iron and nitrogen self-diffusion in non-magnetic iron nitrides, M. Gupta, A. Tayal, A. Gupta, R. Gupta, J. Stahn, M. Horisberger and A. Wildes, Journal of Applied Physics 110, 123518 (2011).

SIMS imaging of a standard sample obtained using Cs ion source operating at 5 keV, 1 nA. Bright spots corresponding to Al can be seen clearly.