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LTHM Scanning Probe Microscope


Facilities & expertise


Key word: Magnetic imaging, microscopy, MFM, SPM

  • Scanning Probe microscopy measures surface property by scanning a cantilever across the sample surface. Cantilevers coated with magnetic material can provide can provide magnetic profile of the surface by measuring the force gradient perpendicular to sample surface. The technique is suitable for imaging magnetic domains, magnetic phase separation, vortices in superconductor etc. on a length scale of ~10 - 100 nm length scale. By using cantilever with conductive tip, piezo response force and conductivity can be mapped on nano-meter length scale. The capability to vary temperature down to 5 K and magnetic field up to 9 Tesla provides an opportunity to study these properties in temperature and magnetic field space.

Group Members:-

Mr. Sachin Kumar, Ms. Pampi Saha, Mohit Chandra, Satish Yadav, Suman Karmakar
Incharge: Dr. Rajeev Rawat, E-mail: rrawat@csr.res.in; Phone no. : 0731-2463913 (Ext. 166)



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