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Facilities & expertise


Raman spectroscopy is widely used to study the phonons in solids, liquids and gases. Our micro-Raman spectrometer has been extensively used by many researchers across the country for characterization of nano particles, films, solids, liquids and identifying different phases and to elucidate physical phenomena like, spin-phonon, electron-phonon, orbital-lattice interactions and phase transitions. The results from this system contributed in nearly 200 publications in international journals.

  • Micro Raman system from Jobin Yvon Horibra LABRAM-HR 800 visible (400 - 1100 nm)
  • Raman spectra can be recorded from 50 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1 .
  • Excitation Laser Sources - He-Ne 632.8 nm and Diode Laser 473 nm
  • Optics: high stability confocal Microscope for Micro Raman 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x objective lens. The laser can be focused on to a spot from ~1micron to 5 micron by choosing suitable objective lens.
  • Polarization analysis of samples can be carried out.
  • Automated XY sample stage for Raman mapping. Sample can be scanned with an accuracy of 1 micron in lateral direction i.e. Raman imaging of smooth surfaces is possible.
  • A lateral resolution of 1 micron and an axial resolution of 2 micron can be achieved with confocal optics
  • A white light with a video camera for viewing sample. Sample can be viewed optically using microscope and Raman spectra can be recorded on any desired portion of sample.
  • Dispersive geometry
  • 600 and 1800 lines/mm gratings - Detector : CCD detector
  • Spectral Resolution ~ 1-2 cm-1
  • Low temperature measurements down to 4 K
  • High temperature measurements up to 1000 K and High pressure measurements up to 20 GPa



Group Members:-

1. Mr. Ajay Kumar Rathore, 2. Mr. Gaurav Sharma, 3. Mr. Vivek Dwij, 4. Mr. Binoy Krishna De, 5. Mr. Sumesh Rana and 6. Mr. Hemant Kunwar Singh
Incharge: Dr. Vasant Sathe, Ph. 0731-2762267 Ext: 232; e-mail: vasant@csr.res.in



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