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Pulsed laser deposition (PLD):
Dr. R.J Choudhary
Dr. D.M Phase
KrF excimer pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique uses a pulsed laser beam (248 nm, 20 ns) to ablate the rotating target material. It contains a multi-target deposition chamber, which can mount six target materials at a time and deposition can be done with computer controlled sequences. The set up can be employed to deposit thin films or multi-layers of wide range of materials such as complex ceramic oxides, high-temperature superconductors, Heusler alloys, SiC and many others.
A view of PLD set up and plasma plume of YBCO target (in the inset).

  • Excimer laser KrF ( : 248 nm) (Lambda Physik COMPex 201 model)
  • Bulk target dimension            :Sintered pellet of 1"diameter and 1-2 mm thick
  • Substrate Temperature            :  Room temperature - 850 C
  • Repetition rate                : 1-10Hz
  • Maximum pulse energy            : 600 mJ
  • Target to substrate distance            : 2 to 10 cm (variable)