UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
( An Autonomous Institution of University Grants Commission, New Delhi )
Mössbauer spectroscopy
Dr. V.Raghavendra Reddy
Both transmission and conversion electron modes available
Velocity range ± 20 cm/sec
Minimum line width 0.22 mm/sec
Isotopes available 57Fe and 119Sn (shortly available)
Temperature range 4.2 - 1000 K
External magnetic field - 7 Tesla (both parallel and perpendicular to  -rays)
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57Fe Mossbauer spectra of bulk and nano-sized NiFe2O4.  The high field data gives an unambiguous evidence for (i) the collinear spin structure in bulk and canted spin structure in nano-sized NiFe2O4 and (ii) the system is going from inverse spinel structure to mixed spinel structure as the particle size is reduced
Conversion electron Mossbauer spectra of Fe0.88N0.12 films as a function of isochronal annealing. Quantitative information about various phases formed as a function of annealing temperature is obtained.
Superconducting magnet for low temperature (4.2-300K) high magnetic field (0-7 Tesla) Mossbauer measurements
High temperature 57Fe Mossbauer spectra of multiferroic BiFeO3 showing the antiferromagnetic to paramagnetic transition. One can estimate  critical exponents, hyperfine field variation etc., from the data