UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
( An Autonomous Institution of University Grants Commission, New Delhi )
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Materials Synthesis  Lab
Materials Synthesis  Lab
Dr. P. D. Babu
  • Arc furnace
  • Tubular and muffle furnaces
  • Planetary ball mill
  • RF-Induction furnace - 20 KW
  • Melt spinning (partial argon atmosphere)

Arc-melting furnace
  • Programmable high temperature furnaces: 1100oC box-type (hot zone - 10x10x10 cm3), 1200oC tubular (hot zone - 5 cm dia. x 45 cm length), 1700oC box-type (hot zone - 10x10x10 cm3)
  • Provision for heating sample under vacuum as well as under different gas environment (up to 1200oC)
  • Electronic balance and fume chamber
  • Hydraulic press (max. capacity 25 tons) to make pellets of size range 10 - 25 mm
  • Diamond wheel saw for cutting / slicing samples
  • Arc-melting furnace for preparing intermetallic compositions.

Group Members :
  • Mr. B. R. Mendole