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Low temperature and high field Scanning Probe microscope
Dr. Rajeev Rawat
Temperature range
: 5 - 300 K
Magnetic field
: 9  Tesla
Scanning Probes
: Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  Scanning Hall Probe Microscope (~1 micron resolution)
  Atomic Force Microscope
  Magnetic Force Microscope
Scan Area
: 6 micron x 6 micron at 5K
Sample requirement
:~8 mm  diameter polished surface
Scanning probe microscopy measures surface property by scanning a physical probe across the sample surface. Magnetic probes like Hall probe in Scanning Hall Microscopy (SHPM) or magnetic cantilever in Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) provide magnetic profile of the sample surface. These magnetic images can be used for studying magnetic domain, magnetic phase separation and vortices in superconductor etc. The length scale which can be probed using these techniques is limited by the probe size which is ~1 micro-meter for SHPM and few tens of nm for MFM. The capability to vary temperature down to 5 K and magnetic field up to 9 Tesla provides an opportunity to study the evolution of co-existing magnetic states over a wide temperature and magnetic field range.