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Electronics & Instrumentation Lab.
Er. Sadhan Chandra Das


Ferroelectric Loop Tracer
Ferroelectric Loop growth of BaTiO3 sample with time
Comparison of the loops obtained using commercial instrument and the developed loop tracer
UV lamp power supply For UV Spectroscopy Voltage: 0-3000 VDC, Current: 300 mA Max.
UV Spectrum Using Above Power Supply
Annealing set up using electron beam heating
Temp. : RT deg. C to 1000 deg. C
Temp. Control : +/-1 deg. C of set value
High Voltage : 0-2000VDC
Maximum emission current: 60 mA
Computer controlled 2-Axes Stepper Motor Driver
cum Temperature controller
using DC constant Current Source
Being used for in house developed IN-SITU set up
Steppers Motor Drivers:- 4 Phase, 1.5A/phase, Constant Voltage Type
Temperature controller:- 0-1000 deg. C, control:- +/-1 deg. C of set value
Computer controlled Constant current source
Current:- +/-3A in 512 steps.
Compliance voltage:- +/-40V.
Computer controlled switches for Beamline gate valves control and
OMICRON make X-ray High voltage power supply control.
Display of the software window written in VB for the above unit
Two phase bipolar Micro Stepping Stepper Motor Driver
Maximum Current:- 1A, Voltage:- 40 Volts.
Steps modes:- Full, Half, 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32nd, 1/64th and 1/128th.
Simple Lock in amplifier for noisy light signal detection
Modulated signal for for above Lock-in-Amplifier
Noisy signal recovered by above LIA.