Dielectric Spectroscopy
Dr. A.M. Awasthi

  • Frequency Bandwidth--- 3x10-5 to 2x107 Hz.
  • Impedance Range--- 10-3 to 1015 ? (18 decades) covers conductors to best insulators.
  • Capacity Range--- 10-15F to 1F allows broadband measurement of capacitances.
  • Absolute Accuracy for Phase (2x10-3 degrees) and Loss-Tangent (3x10-5).
  • Nonlinear Dielectric, Conductivity, and Impedance Spectroscopy.
  • Time-Domain Response Functions and Distributions of Relaxation Timescales.
  • Widest Sample-Temperature Windows--- LHe to RT and RT to 800 C. Sample Size--- t ~ 2-4mm x   ~ 8-10mm pellets.
UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
( An Autonomous Institute of University Grants Commission, New Delhi )

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Relevant Publications -

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Dielectric spectroscopy provides the short-time (AC) behaviour of insulators and semiconductors. It measures the electrical susceptibility of the material with intrinsic (ionic/dipolar/atomic/electronic) and proximity (grain-boundary/space-charge) contributions, which are affected by its structural/order-disorder/kinetic transitions, as well as by various relaxations/arrests. Our broadband impedance analyzer (NovoControl) enables probing the electrical response at extreme timescales, covering a rather wide range of conductivities and dielectric losses, alongwith the dispersive/non-activated behaviour.