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Laser Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope (LCSOM)
(Fluorescent modes with Multi line Ar and He-Ne  lasers, DIC contrast, Linkam Heating and Cooling stages 80-800K)
Dr. V.Ganesan
In recent years there is a considerable interest in visualizing the phase transitions at the microscopic level.  In view of this a Confocal Laser Scanning Optical Microscope LSM 510 META from Carl Zeiss has been acquired with different modes like bright field, epi polarization, dark field, differential interference and fluorescence contrast etc. Apart from the material science applications, the confocal system with Multi line Argon and He-Ne lasers has much importance for biological studies. Noteworthy feature is the Linkam heating and cooling stage that is compatible with that of Zeiss Microscope with a long working distance objective (20x). Using this one can track the phase transitions with a wide range of temperatures from 80K to 600K. Evolution of domain structures across the maternsitic transition (Tm) in the ferromagnetic shape memory alloy system Ni2.22Mn0.78Ga studied is shown as a test case. Giant morphological changes in the form of appearance of well-developed domains that are propagating with different directions are seen for the composition in which Tm=Tc.
Photograph of the Laser Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope system along with sample micrographs.
  1. AFM (50) and
  2. Fluorescence (Bar 20) images of elongated E.coli with drug ( Cefoperazone + Sulbactum). Micrographs of Ni2.22Mn0.78Ga across the phase transition (Tm=Tc~334K) -
  3. before the Tm and
  4. after the Tm.
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